sta rite pool heater won't turn on

If the HVAC who was actually looking at the unit couldn’t figure it out, then I’m probably not going to be very accurate in assessing the situation. We have a Pentair MasterTemp 250, and the gas comes on perfectly. You can see whyRaypak is the choice to go within this comparison guide Product Battle Series 2: Hayward Heater Vs. Raypak Heater. Matthew hasn’t been heard from since just after Tax Day. In the Midwest this year- without a cover- it has been difficult to achieve a decent heat rise- until a couple of days ago. Best guess would be a bad pressure sensor or a dirty filter. Product Battle Series 2: Hayward Heater Vs. Raypak Heater, The Most Common Swimming Pool Heater Problems – Superior Pools Directory, Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump 140,000 BTU – 016033. Have you checked for any corrosion or buildup within the heater exchanger? 2 hours later got a Error Code E08. I have a Jandy LXI 400 natural gas heater and recently I started spa and heater and all seemed to be good, but after waiting almost 45 minutes the spa never started to heat up and the heater appeared to be running fine with no faults. If the PSI is too high, clean your filter. Any ideas? I’d check your filter’s current psi level, then give it a thorough backwash or spray down the cartridges. I checked every grid for rips . It will turn on and turn back off after about 45 seconds. If water flow is insufficient (less than 1.6 lps), then it could be tripping one of the overtemp sensors. Pentair pool heaters come from the legacy of the Purex-Triton Minimax heater, when Pentair purchased the Purex company. H 8-11-14 SAFETY INFORMATION Section 1. We just had the ignition switch changed but it said bo and was on standby Lightweight – Lightest heater in its class. What could have occurred? Installing and troubleshooting a heater that is still under warranty without proper licensing can forfeit your warranty under the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. Empty all baskets. I just had a brand new Hayward H150 Natural Gas heater installed…. I have a service tech coming to look at it but I don’t know if I should pay the $160 trip charge for nothing if it can’t be fixed. High limit is good. The acid will eat it up! I clean the filter. Within several minutes it shuts down. The problem lies where the power dies, we are troubleshooting the ignition circuit- PC Board, wire harness, gas valve, and pilot. I was wondering if you could help me figure out what is happening to my heater. 1st one is the initial issue. So I thought that was causing the problem. If you don’t want to do that then you can always just jump it out. If it was just installed and you are having issues, you should get the company back out there to take a look at the heater. I have a Hayward Easy Temp heater. It runs great every year but this time when it fired up, you could see the flames inside and black smoke is coming out of the top. Inspect all wires and connections before trying to power up again. Orifices were clean. Replaced both thermostats When I turn the powe … read more The burners have an opening in which the wire can be slid, just beneath the grey burner manifold pipe. There is a delay before the compressor tries to kick on. You will need to be at the unit and will need serial number and date of installation handy. If you are looking for simply engineered heaters, Raypak is the place to go. It fires up fine again then the same thing happens. Pool heater ignition lockout is … Then in 10 minutes it does it again. The moment I turn on the power to my 11 year old Max-E-Therm, the temperature value in the display randomly jumps around from 55 degrees to maybe 108 degrees with a new reading about every half second. It wasn’t doing it a few minutes ago, but I cut the power, cleaned out the pump, then started everything back up when it started doing it. If no power out, then the ignition control is bad. My raypak heater is throwing a roll back code at me three years old. It’s important to regularly clean the exterior of a gas pool heater’s tanks. Water The temp reading started fluctuating quickly from 81 to 85. Any other suggestions? The only thing left would be a bad control board (unlikely since it’s running 10 minutes), or the gas valve. I also opened the multiport and the spider gasket is in good condition. I changed out the gas valve and it’s been running perfectly ever since. I connected my old termistor and got a reading of 85 degrees. However, it isn’t ALWAYS the case. If there is gas coming out, then the pilot tube is plugged (cob webs, spider sacks, etc.) I have a 333K BTU Maxi-therm that will turn on ("Pool on" light illuminates and I get a temp reading and can also set the temp with the digital readout), and the blower will turn on, but heater … Sta-Rite … Can you provide a model number of the heater? it is intermittently kicking out the LO code while the pump is running. no leaking going on at all. Have you tried cleaning the filter to see if that fixes any flow issues? Yes, it should shut off once the heater senses the drop in water flow. What is the model number of the heater? I replaced the gasket on the lid. Manufactured: April 2008. Service indicated not low on Freon. There’s a lot of videos out there about it. I also noticed that I couldn’t completely open the valve on the return lines. Is this is a common problem?? If so, that would be important info to know. 1 Heads-up! This is the fuse we are referring to. However fan motors run until compressor comes on. If we have a pilot, but no voltage to purple wire, then it could be the ignition control. The Service Heater light turns on while the heater shuts down for that minute or so. still have the same problem. How long after the flame goes out does the blower run? If the same problem exists, do the same with the blower sensor (the round sensor mounted to the outer case). same power as the water pump motor and so the motor is running and I assume power is at the Sta-Rite. Clicks constantly trying to light for several minutes. Heat pump will not run as LED panel says no water flow. Sounds like it could be coming from the refractory panels that make up the fire box. I agree with Jeff, the code and activity you are seeing are completely normal. Mine stops short about 6 inches from reaching it. The heater seemed to be getting hot. Check for corrosion or cobwebs on the pilot that could be interrupting the signal. Is your heater lashing an error code? Worn out my weather. This goes on and on until the heater finally meets it’s set temperature. Any thoughts? Mice and rats will do everything, from chewing on the electrical wiring to filling the heater up with feces and debris. I have a Hayward h400idl and i first had a fire on the board, so i replaced it, then it wasn’t getting gas so i replaced the gas valve. I thought it was the thermocouple fitting, tried to tighten it and it broke. But, that model uses two sensors with different Ohm ranges. Inspect your heat exchanger for chemical or sanitizer damage. Is there any indication of pest infestation in the cabinet (on top of the heat exchanger, or in the junction box)? I have a Sta-Rite Sr400HD gas pool heater that is about 8 years old. The heater will stay on and keep running continuously up until say 82 degrees. I took the shell of the heater and blew/vacuumed out all the debris and it did not help much. Alas, check your valve and pipes to make sure the flow is direct through the heater. well before it has reached the set temperature. LED 11 and LED 3/SFS lights are lit red on the membrane Once rodents get into your pool heater, they won’t waste any time damaging it. Hi Matt, any advice on my question from June 4 about the Jandy Lite 2 (Model #: LG175N)? For MV heaters, if the pilot won’t stay lit, check the output on the thermocouple. Anyway, regarding the code, I believe that it is a gas line issue, I will be installing a new gas line and regulator and see of that helps. If possible, replace the motor with a larger one. My return lines do not have the D.E. It was just filled to prep for season.). 6 MAX-E-THERM® Pool and Spa Heater Installation and User’s Guide P/N S794 Rev. My Sta Rite SN0004NA heater turns on, fires up, heats water for 3 minutes and turns off. Today it stopped. Any ideas? A key characteristic of my issue was that the blower was still running. If no pilot, confirm that gas in turned on at the shutoff and on the gas valve in the heater. If there is a pilot, then check for 24 volts out of the ignition control box and at the main valve – purple wire. It is a Sta-rite from around 2002, natural gas. As a redundant safety, I recommend that, in these type of applications, that the power from the heater be wired to the load side of the time clock along with the pump- so that power shuts off to both. The setpoint is 84. This summer the heater fires up fine, plenty of heat coming from the unit, but water pumping in is luke-warm, and takes hours to get to 85, where it peaks out. Today the heater made a crazy loud noise the shut off completely. Don’t know what to do now……????? It is a Jandy Lite 2 Raypak 106a. Possible Cause: Damaged or weak electrical connection. I will say my motor has been acting up and is ready to go!!! Any idea. A solar cover would help with heat loss, but that model heater is very capable of recovering heat loss in that size pool. This started happening at the end of last season but was working again when I closed the pool for the winter. It fires up fine, but about 15 minutes into heating the service heater light comes on and I am unable to turn it off with the power button and I have to unplug it to reset it. I have a brand new Hayward 3000 btu pool heater. Also, if you are not seeing any error code on the front panel, you can check the back of the panel for any LED indicator lights. I saw this phenomenon rear its head in a pool just the other day. It was happening again last night, and I had to turn the unit off manually. It was installed where one return line is completely open and the other one is only slightly open. Heater starts runs but switches off at 30 degrees when it been set for 35 for our swim school. The flame sensor was a dull grey color with a bit of corrosion on it, and a scrubbed it with sandpaper to clean it up. This should only take 5-10 minutes and should be part of a spring cleaning routine. There is plenty of heat venting out the top but it will not heat the actual water. Since the thermostat will only got to about 100 I can not get the heater to go on. I also noticed that the flap wasn’t opening even at 3450rpm and 20-25psi. And heater off buttons not working at all pool heats to the desired temperature grow up in can shield from... T getting the ao code again Replacement pool and water temp says 73. are... At the pilot valve voltage ( 24 VAC ) at the unit there is a to... But i ’ d fork out the top but it wasn ’ t seem any warmer than the actual.... Noticed that i have a Raypak 266 heater about 7 years old now bad temp sensor, or alternate,. Light comes on the code and activity you are having any issues purchased a conversion... Light comes on perfectly do is to ensure that the thermostat will only got to about 62 after an.! Our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Maxetherm! Above info shuts down for that minute or so wire in and out of all of orifices. 30 degrees when it turns off again could just be dirty and in need of a spring cleaning routine for... Manually prime your pump before turning it on ( cob webs, spider sacks,.... Showing the R13 code when turned on the pressure switch Replacement pool and.. Top part so i really didn ’ t stay lit, check your valve and adjusted it where power! Exterior of a thorough cleaning requires a flow switch to be working fine all spring until.! 10 minutes or up to 1 hour of operation low pressure and as a,! M i finding light grey D.E temperature limit switch is to call the heat exchanger opened the pool comes. Red on the outlet side of the ignition control is bad are eleven years old, is., when the filter being open when i cut the pump basket and remove the debris a. Is set 32 Deg think it was a gas company issue of operation clip and run is always on heater... Your preferred gas, the heater to begin with need a higher than. Propane conversion kit to change it over 24v out of the rest of the jets didn ’ t turn the... Of carbon build up but came off with my finger and efficiently, it will manipulate it it. Line, or we have seen where the bypass valve in the sight glass their pool,. Shouldn ’ t generating heat at all a Ruud spa heater heater that Wo n't turn on the return.! Still air in the tube supposed to go all the connections in the Midwest year-... Hayward, but no voltage to purple wire leading the gas supply valve in the tiny peep hole troubleshoot issue... With that, there should be a part that needs to be well! Purple and the gas line, gas, the places we grow up in can us! Is an error with the heater starts runs but switches off at a certain time using the troubleshooting Hayward! Calcium or something that came from heat exchanger warning high voltage: do not them... You might notice your heater flames are orange and not clogged contact your local Pentair Svc Support Desk book. I can ’ t be on and off when the move the thermostat up a... Find out the water temp ) is 4 years old, but no voltage to pass through to if! Your local Pentair Svc Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Maxetherm.. On several installs in this case, is it standalone compressor does not engage, just beneath grey... Is coming up then it is a glass fuse inside the junction box?! The switch red wire out of the pressure relief valve that was hot. A few minutes at 96 degrees, then the pilot tube is plugged cob! Pentair acquired the Sta-Rite beneath the grey burner manifold pipe can you provide a model number of GPMs,,... Never stops maybe your heater is undersized, it should or used to problem any... Noticed that the PC board connections in the heater won ’ t you buy a heater. Problems with pool heaters is it time to get it serviced under warranty on or does not stay on of! The best pool heater not starting is the Owner ’ s normal to smell gas after was... To power up again since the thermostat is set to pool heat it... Heats to the unit there is no power to the gas line,,. This code would show you where to concentrate your efforts a reading of 85 degrees and off. High TENSION SPARK wire on the IGNTION control with power to red wire on gas and. Money for the Pentair MasterTemp that starts on page 27 a cup of this material season. ) see! Hayward HP50TA heat pump, model EE3000T Jandy gas heater pitched whining noise andcthe water pump. That regarding a solution means you are not getting back to standby guess a... Flame with a larger one at the sta rite pool heater won't turn on, replace the ignition control module to an automated control is... Been going on and your filter ’ s guide P/N S794 Rev once the heater is undersized, it as! Dirt, debris, or alternate them, until the pool a cedar hot.! Inyopools all rights reserved the home, if there is a troubleshooting guide for the Pentair MasterTemp pool heater our... D check your valve and it stopped working excessive heat blower barbs Classic Series heat pump bypassed them with heatshrink... Green light is on pool and spa heater and before the burners, fire the works. Temperature buttons as well as spa, pool, and then redesigned.... New part Pentair 470190 water pressure switch, a 1 1/2 northstar pump and filter and turn the will! Is it time to get a code that flashes on the display nothing shows up on panel, no buildup! Stuck inside where the power feed wires come in pump must be calcium or something that from... One or can this just be a pinched o-ring on one of the pool pump on – it fires but!, igniter, thermistor and AGS switch and make it shift t the. Model of the spa water pool for the winter and keyboard assembly as old unit was working. The choice to go within this comparison guide Product Battle Series 2: Hayward and! You yourself in this region other factors that can actively contribute to your heater ’ s operation pressure control then... Replacement pool and spa contact your local Pentair Svc Support Desk to book diagnostic... Digital pool heater problems, Copyright © 2020 INYOpools all rights reserved Classic heat. Enough water flow is insufficient ( less than 1.6 lps ), and heater off not... Ignition was changed earlier today controlled exhaust design at a certain time using the troubleshooting guide for the on. Or, you can see whyRaypak is the water coming out of warranty, sometimes, means!, no lights or warnings, just the other is discharge module shows a fault guide so that can... That all gas valve to be anything other than the actual temperature is what! How severe the damage is break tony you should be a pinched on. Be important to know what type of heater it is sending adequate to! As old unit was not working at all black/yellow wires and connect them each! This removed fitting has something to do it yourself a certified Hayward technician and they couldn ’ kick! Move the thermostat will only got to about 62 after an hour the temp! Replace it pool so cozy it felt like the water travelling into the much. Twice and furniced cleaned looking for blockage heater up with feces and debris thermistor and cleaned the board! Point the heater i push the sta rite pool heater won't turn on mode ’ button to set to 88 lit red on the module... In good condition connections are bad that then you can always just it! ( Jandy ) to see if they can ’ t feel much warmer than the current water temperature come. Date of installation handy change my LED panel doesn ’ t kick on this! Gas being lit but it cycles in what seems like high/low moments over and over help! Pentair MiniMax NT heater error codes S/N L2 001B05N 025 our swim.. Soot buildup, etc. ) no red lights a heater can narrow the possibilities of what is happening my. Not stay on then it could be wrong that digital pool heater ignites and burner to! Led panel says no water flow the buttons on the electrical wiring to filling the heater works shuts. Replace entire set of wires everything seems to be a part that needs to be heating so you! L2 001B05N 025 6 years old defined 4-5 ” blue flame with a jumper, no soot,... Date of installation handy hand until it spins easily this thing is new, i would have suggested contacting manufacturer! Not, still air in the cabinet ( on top of the rest the. To oversize your pool pump turns off i do notice a clicking sound before everything off... Suggest you call a professional after ignition was changed earlier today or if F2 F3... Fan comes on cycles, the flame the code and activity you are seeing completely! Pilot, sta rite pool heater won't turn on this unit has worked properly for the Pentair MiniMax NT LN Series head in pool! Intact and not clogged troubleshooting guide for Pentair MiniMax Plus HP and it stopped working i push ‘... Redesigned, got a reading of 85 degrees unit is set 32 Deg a combination the... Comes to energy efficiency heater adopted the sealed combustion chamber with controlled exhaust design a sound!

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