at 18000mi engine light comes up, drive to dealer and see no engine oil. My 2008 accord uses oil like crazy. Then, a week later the low oil warning light came on briefly while I was stopping on signal. Now they say that Because my car as the original owner was in service at 2008 I am out of luck because I had up to 2016 to fix the issue. I just picked my car up from the dealership yesterday, and they are starting an oil consumption test. Waiting to see how it is when I get it back. I brought it back for their review, and only then did they claim that the power steering was broken when I brought it in the first time, despite the fact that they never mentioned it, and it was not indicated on the recent multi-point inspection done at the first dealership! My 2012 Honda Accord is using about 3 qt. 2010 Honda accord did have same issues with oil burning. I took it to my mechanic and he changed the spark plugs and used fuel detergent to clean the carbon build up. Don’t know why, or how it happened, but I didn’t pay a penny. Bad spark plug #3 causing white smoke during acceleration from tail pipe. Unburnt gas will start creating carbon deposits that makes the rings stick allowing oil to bypass the oil ring, They also told me to stay away from gas that contains ethanol. Honda needs to work for their customers- not against them. Anyway just googled last night about oil light being bored and came across the law suit, no doubt I’m having the same issue, and was wondering my next step. Combined, we have owned 45 Honda’s. I took it to Honda stating a SB repair is out on this and all they would do is re-program it. They want to find out the source of the problem. I have taken it to Honda all three times and they tell me they can’t find a reason. I have a 2008 Honda Accord. Dealers claim 1000 miles and 1 quart is normal consumption. They act like this is normal. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM my Car has about 54200 miles on it and burns 2-3 qts of synthetic oil between changes! I requested to perform the compression test. I did get a paere that said 1qt every 1-3k miles could warranty further diagnostics and to call tech line. What a fix from Honda. I do maintain a the required oil changes as well. I left to return to California and past the town of Williams on I5 (about 165 miles from my home) The check engine light came on blinking. I am constantly having the oil changed and due to a lack of oil. ** AT models are PZEV-rated in California and certain northeastern states. My Honda is taking about 3 extra quarts of oil each oil change taking to Honda dealer on August 29 to have checke d out, i also have a 2008 honda accord that is burning oil every 750 miles. So she is burning the oil thur the cylinder and piston at a small rate. Back we go yet again.. Looks like the settlement is Apr 10, 2014. What do I do? Alright, so a few weeks ago, my 2010 Honda Accord 4-cyl jumped timing. You have no vehicle information saved in your Honda Owners account. Details on how to file a claim to receive reimbursement for repair costs can be found here. Would my car and these conditions fit into this class action lawsuit? Didn’t help a bit, we have been adding oil at a quart per 1000 miles. I’ve been checking my oil level every 1,000 miles, adding in between 1-2 qts every time I check. Please note: Top Class Actions is not a settlement burns 4-5 quarts per oil change cycle, dealer/corporate refuses to repair after documentation, they say can need to burn more oil than that to be covered under warranty!!! Anyone else trouble with the second engine in that car?? The permanent code line is for future resale. There is nothin they want to do. My 2008 Honda Accord began a grinding, winding and knocking noise in the engine all around the same time. When I asked him that if i told him I put in 5qts between oil changes, would he tell me the same thing, he said yes, I know it seems high but its with in the range. I have a 2008 Honda Accord and the oil mysteriously disappears accompanied by an obnoxious grinding sound. If you’re experiencing this issue, press it as much as you can before your engine blows up like mine!!! The dealership gave us the run around telling us this was normal. The VSA light has come on a few time. A couple of weeks later he checked the oil again and it was already down over a quart. Dealer also said 1 qt every 1,000 was normal. Replaced platinum spark plugs not covered under extended warranty. It’s unreal to think that this issue can go unpunished – I didn’t buy a honda to turn around 3 and a half years late and have to get a whole new engine in it. Time to say enough is enough. What do I do now? One time I was refueling at the gas station and my car would not start. They will not fix the problem on the regular warranty what makes anyone think they will fix it in the future.Honda saws it is OK to use 1 quart of oil every thousand miles. I have had my oil light come on and engine rattle within 4000 miles of last oil change. well they fixed the car ran great all for about a week. Currently undergoing piston and ring replacement service. What are our options in filing a claim? I have the same issue as everyone else. I contacted Honda corporate, brought it back to the dealership, where, they tried to accuse me of ADDING OIL !! After running so many circles doing 2 oil consumption tests from the dealership they are now telling me that it is going to cost $2000 to diagnose and an additional $1100 in parts and labor for the repairs. The class action lawsuit was also amended to limit Class Members to include only owners and lessees whose vehicles may have experienced engine misfire, to include only allegations related to engine misfire, and to voluntarily dismiss claims related to excessive oil consumption in 4-cylinder Accord vehicles. Honda has extended the engine warranty to 8y/125k(miles) as of May this year. I just bought a pre-owned certified 2009 Honda Accord EX L Coupe with 18,000 miles. 2008 accord with 41,000 miles. Never buy a Honda again. the 2009 honda accord problems are premature brake wear and excessive oil consumption. Oil has to be added before schedule changes. View Estimates. My engine warning list is constantly on now for a week. can anyone help me out. Mine was the front breaks in my 2009 Accord. The car currently has 85K on it. I have also had spark plugs replaced twice within the year. That was in 5000 miles. I’m taking my 2008 Accord EX coupe in today for the 5th oil consumption test. The oil light starts to register at about every 2000 miles. I reciently changed the oil and put 4 quarts of new oil in. I feel like it is ridiculous for Honda to say it is acceptable oil consumption. It was completely empty. For information on deleting the cookies, please consult your browser’s help function. Change my oil every 3k miles religiously and still end up less than half of what I put in there when the next time it’s due for a change. I contacted Honda and advised them on their TS11-033 but they said it not relate to the excess oil burn. They need to add 2005 Honda Accord 4cyl to that list. It has been burning a quart of oil every thousand miles since it had 81,000 miles. Anyone know when the trial date has been set? The lawsuit is seeking damages, restitution and injunctive relief for violations of the Consumers Legal Remedies Act, the Unfair Competition Law, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and for breach of express warranty. Eventually the general public will realize that Honda Corporation, like so many other companies has become a horrible company, interested only in short term profits, cheating customers every chance they get! I said this is not a way to fix the problem but is just covering it up. WATCH NOW, Important information about Accessory Warranty. They also said all my oil was drained out which is a complete lie because I took pictures of all fluids. THANK YOU. Engine started to have missfires 4 days out. We got a new engine in our ’08 Accord at 62000, all covered under warranty due to this exact problem. Ran out of oil twice before it was time to do an oil change. I have the 08 v6 accord. I showed Honda the update but to my knowledge, they didn’t act on it to update the computer. My car does the exact same when oil is on the low end. I did notice that the car seemed to use a lot more oil when driving at highway speeds for long distances. To the person that has a 25,000 mile Accord and needs $10,000 worth of repairs—get a new mechanic! So stop thinking the dealership is acting against your benefit. The one difference is that my dealership has admitted that they are seeing a lot of problems with the engines (but the I went a little crazy on them when they suggested I check the oil every 1,000 miles on a 2010 Honda). I couldn’t put my cruise on after the light had been on long enough. WE OWN A 2008 V6 ACCORD IT DOES USE OIL MORE THAN NORMAL. Like. Called Honda about 12 times. We’re certain there had to have been damage done. If Honda doesn’t act fast I won’t be buying another Honda ever again. ... Honda Accord Honda Odyssey Honda (Accord) Crosstour Honda Pilot Honda CR-V Acura TSX Add a Comment. The worst part is I have had Hondas all my life, 89 civic, 2002 civic, 2007 civic si and now my 2008 accord. I fill 2 qts every 2000 miles. Same here!! Did this resolve or did they find the problem? Will we be informed of our participation in this lawsuit? Only had less than a quart!! It was very expensive and I can’t afford to buy a new one at this time. Software update didn’t solve the problem. I have a 2009 Honda Accord V6 and have noticed the last couple of oil changes that the oil level is 1.5 to 2 quarts low. Determined it was using oil. I also remember that about 5 months ago I had to change a spark plug because it was fouled and not firing. Danny, e-mail me and we will see what we can do for you, I’m surprised you did not get a recall letter saying that Honda is aware of the motors burning oil and if your vehicle falls under this then you should be able to get it fixed.Do you still have warranty? They said they would fix the car. I took the car to the dealership, it stayed there for a week. I replaced one at about 100,000 miles. Within the first 1000 miles i noticed it gives a heavy puf of smove when atarting even when its warm. It’s now to the point where we have to check everyday. It struck me as odd that they hadn’t fixed them prior to offering the vehicle for sale. Then said I had to have oil in my driveway which there is no oil whatsoever in my driveway or when the vehicle halted. Anytime someone asks me about my Honda I say will never buy again. My email is Thanks, I’ve had the same issue since I bought my 08 accord used, no one could tell me what was wrong with my car. ALSO BURNING A LOT OF OIL. There is no way I should have the exact same issue twice within 3 years and 100K miles on a car which is branded one of the best and longest lasting cars in the industry. dear sir/mami presently own a 4 cylinder 2008 honda accord.I would like to express my dissapointment with the workmanship of this vehicle,in particular with the excessive engine oil consumption.After it reached 100,000 miles the check check engine oil light lits after every 2,000 miles and i had to add 1 quart to keep it wjthin ideal oil level.This adds to personal stress knowing that i bought a lemon engined car and its also a cause of loss of money.My paln before is to hand this over to my soon to be in college son but i dont wanna pass this problem to him.This will be my last honda. I have a 2008 honda accord 6 cylinder with VCM engine. Synthetic. Car still makes grinding noise even after replacement, just so tired from all these annoying problems. Well, I have been keeping an eye on , and the level dropped more than a quart in 2 days! I have talked to at least 10 different mechanics. I have been unable to get satisfaction with the dealer. My local Honda was a joke, so I called Honda Corp. and filed a complaint. Have 2008 honda accord. I can’t belive Hondad is not looking after this issue.