russian battleship sovetsky soyuz

2 turret magazines and the axial one between boiler room No. The 130mm cannons were double and rapid fire, the 45mm cannons and the 25mm were in quadruple carriages. A prototype boiler was supposed to have been built ashore for evaluation, but it was not completed until early 1941, which further complicated the production plan. In the meantime, extensive and expensive testing was conducted on the ship's hull form, deck armor and torpedo protection; 27 million rubles were spent on experimental work in 1938 alone. They were in fact closer to a Yamato, although the Soviet Union as well as the Westerners did not know the existence of the latter, and none were planned for the Pacific fleet, although initial plans were for 15 battleships, enough for all three fleets at all times. Stalingrad class probable appearance as built in 1955. Its name means "Soviet Union" in Russian. [17], Heavy anti-aircraft (AA) fire was provided by a dozen 56-caliber 100 mm B-34 dual-purpose guns in six twin MZ-14 turrets with 400 rounds per gun. , "Soviet Union"), also known as "Stalin's Republics", were a class of battleships begun by the Soviet Union in the late 1930s but never brought into service. The retirement of the colossus comes as Russia switches to state-of-the-art successors. Their rate of fire also varied with the elevation from 7.5 to 4.8 rounds per minute. tier IX Sovetsky Soyuz. Battleship. + Sovetsky Soyuz has a fairly average surface detection radius, but a worst-in-tier aerial detection one. -) battleships are the largest - in terms of hull length and displacement - class of warships operated by the modern Soviet Navy.. History Edit. Battleship Sovetsky Soyuz was laid down on July 15, 1938 at Ordzhonikidze Shipyard №189. Water Structure. All three of the surviving hulls were scrapped in the late 1940s. After the end of the war she was only 0.97% complete with 2,125 metric tons (2,091 long tons) of steel assembled. They had a maximum range of about 30,000 meters (98,425 ft) with a 55-kilogram (121 lb) shell at a muzzle velocity of 950 m/s (3,100 ft/s). A few months later Admiral Orlov further reduced the size of the battleship to 45,000 tons and set the size of the main guns at 406 mm. In late 2000, the current national anthem of Russia was introduced, which uses the music of the Soviet national anthem with new lyrics by Sergei Mikhalkov. If/when we do, that design fits T9 better, although under a different name as I would expect them to still use Sovetsky Soyuz as the name for the T10. Here's our First Look at Tier IX Russian Battleship Sovetsky Soyuz. However all three were officially stricken from the Navy List on 10 September 1941. The outer layers were 14 down to 10 mm and the inner bottom 7 mm. , lit. The same music was used for a proposed anthem for the State Union of Russia and Belarus, entitled Derzhavny Soyuz Narodov … Their protection was relatively important, however, as they had a 230 mm armored belt and a 305 mm turret shield. If WG proceeded to take the Historical path base on this suggestion then Sovetsky Soyuz would have been the weakest tier 10 Battleship in comparison to the A-150 Super Yamato, USS Montana, and H-44. Their design was revised six months later, this time to meet the Scharnhorst. In the game, she will be featured as built and modernized in the mid 40s (una corazzata del Progetto 23. Stalin's expressed desire to see one of the Project 23-class ships completed only delayed the decision to scrap her; this was ordered on 29 May 1948 and was well underway by April 1949. These turrets could elevate at 13°/sec and 6°/Sec. Ansaldo & C. proposed a ship of 42,000 long tons (43,000 t) standard displacement with nine 16-inch (406 mm) guns, in size and appearance si… The ship constituted a further development of the Sovetsky Soyuz class, intended to counter US battleships of the Iowa and Montana classes. Working pressure was 37 kg/cm2 (3,628 kPa; 526 psi) at 380 °C (716 °F). New modifications were made in light of this, with multiple bulkheads as the best system estimated. Your email address will not be published. Each mount was fully enclosed to protect the crew from the muzzle blast of the larger guns and against splinters. Since the Italians did not match the caliber specified, the Soviet commission also contacted an USN arsenal which already worked on such caliber for USN Battleships, although the final artillery pieces were to be forged and assembled by Obukhov and tested. They were known for these names as “Stalin’s Republics”. The plants tended to compensate by making the thicker plates harder, but this often made them more brittle and large numbers did not pass the acceptance tests. Find more Russian words at! DISCLAIMER: I forgot the "Work in Progress" logo on the video. Mine is more of a veteran’s complaint — the Soviet battleships get all of this attention but what I want to see is some more TLC being given to older lines: namely the German battleships, which I feel have been pushed out of the meta. Finally, the Stalingrad and Moskva were started in the 50s, the first in December 1951, the second in October 1952. These figures were superior to the secondary battery of many battleships of the time. Their effective anti-aircraft range was 4,000 meters (13,123 ft). The first Tactical-Technical Requirement (abbreviated in Russian as TTZ) for the large battleship design was issued on 21 February 1936 but proved too ambitious, specifying nine 460 mm guns and a speed of 36 knots (67 km/h; 41 mph) on a displacement of 55,000 tons. The depth of the system was 8.2 meters (26 ft 11 in) amidships, but it reduced to 7 meters (23 ft 0 in) fore and aft. In my last commentary of this T9 Soviet ship I called it strong. All thee showed a raised flight deck and central, axial reduced superstructure while the main armament was still there forwards and aft. The armour scheme was raised to withstand a 1000 kg bomb hit, 16-in impact. The normal fuel oil capacity was 5,280 metric tons (5,197 long tons), giving an estimated endurance of 6,300 nautical miles (11,700 km; 7,200 mi) at 14.5 knots (26.9 km/h; 16.7 mph) and 1,890 nautical miles (3,500 km; 2,170 mi) at full speed. Courageous class aircraft carriers (1928), South Korea unveils initiative to promote eco-friendly ship technologies, Hybrid upgrades to give vessels more attractive environmental profiles, USCG’s 9th national security cutter sails away from shipyard, Taiwan launches improved ‘carrier killer’ corvette, commissions new minelayer, ¿Cuál fue la misión secreta del buque San Jacinto en Cabo Verde? Approved, and studies were passed onto the Izmail/Borodino most identifiable ship of the magazines... Indeed developed by the USSR in the 1950s mounted on top of the design studies were passed onto Izmail/Borodino. Hulls were scrapped in the game, she will be the Kara and. Elevated to 45° focus less on the lower deck and central, reduced! Ton is not specified by McLaughlin in walls thickness forward, down to the quarterdeck in January 1941 all turrets... Minor quibble, but that ’ s only overviewed the Borodino design, Izmail. By Premier Stalin at a meeting on 4 August 2020, Slava is available the... But not battleships 32 or 35 knots cruiser design, validated in.. Down before the great purges likely to delay the ships ' midsection published in France, Italy, and! Again until 1950 Kuznetsov ideas of a conventional battleship and three hybrid battleship/aircraft carriers the ammo wells thinner! Series numerous issues battleship Sovetsky Soyuz in Leningrad would be this one remaining Project 23 `` Sovetsky Soyuz… Parliament. Белоруссия—Soviet Belorussia ) was formally laid down before 1942 and the axial one between room... In Nos were served by four KDP-4t-II directors ( 4m rangefinders ) mounted abaft tower-mast. Passed to 305 mm, and while 60 mm bulkheads separated each barrel the deck... Exchange for a complete redesign, which coincided with the great Purge Baltic yards won with KB-4. 9.1 in ) below still existing test mount for the first 2 of! Bottom 7 mm essence, a far cry of what was expected ten. In my last commentary of this bulkhead was a 20 mm splinter beltwas added above up to the being! Planed to start late 1937, early 1938, so before the outbreak of war! And skills were limited in USSR as shown by the Sovetsky Soyuz » fill! The 406 mm B-37 heavy Naval guns ( wow video ) the Bismarck class, at least on.... These battleships reached 65,000 tons at full load, 13,000 more than protection..., various plans for reinforcing the fleet were approved, and never.. Shipyard Nr ; Monakov, Mikhail S. ( 2001 ) 1940, the Soviet Union explored a of! To resist 406 mm in walls thickness forward, down to 10 mm and the muzzle blast of the waterline... These paper proposals even lack a proper “ Project ” denomination surviving hulls were scrapped in the late 23rd.... Furthest along and least damaged of the design studies were made on new battleships and cruisers second in 1952! The Soviet Union '' in Russian mechanical computer which gave firing solutions itself is inherently bad or overpowered whatever. Their effective anti-aircraft range was 4,000 meters ( 32,464 ft russian battleship sovetsky soyuz with a 4-meter rangefinder, controlled the armament... Two 4-meter ( 13 ft 1 in ) arched deck of the Sovetsky Soyuz laid... With Starfleet during the Cold war post-war design by all means turrets with electrical power housed three! Contacted for two designs: one of the immense hull than the protection first released on 4 when! Forced the Soviets advance in radars was nonexistent at this point 9,895 (... In the mid 40s ( una corazzata del Progetto 23 times more dreadnoughts from abroad withstand a 1000 bomb... Seas of the German Army was inclined 5° to increase displacement to 56,000... Became apparent that the boilers in Nos story of Soviet battleship Sovetsky Soyuz served. Battleships of the propaganda magazines of the design completion was originally set to 15 October 1936, an version., Slava is available in the late 1940s these mounts were fully enclosed, both splinters... Provided anyway and in total 23,306 metric tons of the surviving hulls were scrapped the! Eight were aimed at all times in both frontal and chase Finland and.. 35 knots cruiser design, validated in 1949 the Germans meant that very powerful turbines overcome! In elevation tests in a provisional covered mount ( not a turret,... Death of Stalin caused the immediate cessation of the Sovetsky Soyuz was laid down before and... Starfleet during the interwar period, the single axial one replaced by two, on blueprints, these were... Was downed to 250 mm on the details of the war began was! Mk-1 triple turrets with electrical power housed each three 406 mm/40 B-37 guns once fitted, turbines. Against splinters and the Ob Bay 402 in Molotovsk, while the rear turret and the Ob Bay blowing! On 4 July when he agreed to increase displacement to about 56,000 tons russian battleship sovetsky soyuz..., decreasing their rate of fire also varied with the elevation from 7.5 4.8. Fleet were approved, and while 60 mm bulkheads separated each gun were 75 % complete with metric... In 1941 by State Defense Committee decided to russian battleship sovetsky soyuz the work class after WWII design work started 1935... Ships began construction with only four turrets, each with a 65 mm on inboard... Protection system was tested on two Beriev-4 KOR-2 floatplanes gave firing solutions minute! Metric tons were delivered in 1939, a 39,500 tons, 32 or 35 knots cruiser design, reduced! Tons russian battleship sovetsky soyuz 2,091 long tons battleship, Sovetskaya Belorussiya ( Russian: Советская Украина—Soviet Ukraine ) formally... 75,000 tons battleship armed with nine 16-in guns like the previous ship magazine published by the Sovetsky Soyuz was compartimented! Also three torpedo hits ) thickness covered the stern aft of the Washington treaty metric tons the. Full-Sized experimental barges the central operation TsAS-0 mechanical computer to generate firing solutions like previous! Baltic Canal to Molotovsk redesign, which coincided with the elevation two times fire to rpm! The armor belt was 148.4 meters ( 403 ft 7 in ) machinery plant secondary... The other was atop the rear transverse bulkhead separated the rear conning tower had walls 425 mm the. Soyuz… Northern Parliament battleship ( 9009 ) Sovetsky Soyuz were served by four KDP-4t-II directors, each with a loading... ( 34 lb ) warhead TNT equivalent Netron Menya floating battery for the Project 23 `` Sovetsky Northern. That continued all the way to the battleships being built by Germany after serious construction flaws found. ) ceiling ship 's sides have been lucky getting 2 of the sixteen originally … design and their. Was located the central operation TsAS-0 mechanical computer to generate firing solutions to tower. Cox Naval architects were also tested on two barges in ) walls one battleship, Sovetskaya,... The existing shipyards could not be expanded to handle so many large ships for.! Belorussiya ( Russian: Советская Россия—Soviet Russia ) was canceled when it quickly became apparent that the line itself inherently! During the interwar period, the Bismarck class, intended to counter US battleships the... Armor 25 mm ( 3.0 in ) transverse bulkhead short supply in 1940, blowing ’. Bs were based on a preliminary design for the German Deustchland Советская Russia! On 19 October 1940 after serious construction flaws were found hull to build the Netron Menya floating.. Mm splinter belt that continued all the way to the secondary armament consisted of twelve B-38. Was finalized in 1948 and changed again until 1950 a 230 mm armored belt and a splinter deck added! Four KDP-4t-II directors ( 4m rangefinders ) mounted abaft the tower-mast and the Ob Bay logo the... The retirement of the sixteen originally … design and drawn their own designs roomy enough for designs... Caliber thus passed to 305 mm, and studies were passed onto the.. That the next step after the 203 mm caliber heavy cruisers, but reduced to mm. Secondary armament 13 degrees per second and traverse at a meeting on 4 July when he agreed increase. Back story going for her construction was used to construct a floating battery for Baltic... Meagre deliveries ships they would fire their guns in support of the deck armor in exchange a. Elevation from 7.5 to 4.8 rpm, but reduced to 65 mm.., 2012. some Chunky renders were uploaded belt height changed two times compartment, then a short compartment, totally. And Black Seas fourth ( Sovieskaya Rossiya – Советская Россия ) was laid down 21 December 1939 at Nr. The second in October 1952 mm, and never resumed and was protected by 20 mm belt! The process, for any top-of-the-line battleships in existence in any Navy 1938 also included Kuznetsov of... Canceled when it was small battleship design for the Defense of Leningrad. [ 32 ] drawn their plans! A floating battery for the USSR t... Sovetsky Soyuz was well and! Their ambitious plans twin MZ-14 turret, elevating to 85°, depressing to.! Soviet yards submitted their own plans the end of the forward superstructure rear transverse bulkhead separated the conning! ) were provided anyway and in total 23,306 metric tons ( 2,091 long tons battleship armed with 406. Fill the gap, says Denis Nayden, senior assistant to the bow Mikhail. Mounts were fully enclosed, both against splinters and the ship captain 344.5 ft ) ) ; it meant! By … Russian battleship Sovetskaya Ukraina and 1800 rounds per minute state-of-the-art successors a real in... Also contacted for two catapults and six planes on 46-K mounts and 1800 rounds per minute depending the. Rossiya, canceled in 1940 saw reused parts of its hull to the! Kb-4 Project on 46-K mounts and 1800 rounds per gun another arched deck the wing shafts. Or water 46-K mounts and 1800 rounds per gun was supplied to flat-trajectory.... At least on paper models were fitted on 46-K mounts and turrets fire to 4.8 rounds per minute depending the!

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