break parent child relationship solidworks drawing

At that point your links will be broken between parent and child, and you can arrange however you'd like. I used the parent-child relationship feature but it doesn't offer any visual cue (besides the same name) to tell the reader that these two contacts belong to the same switch. of parent-child relationships. The question is how do I delete the imported image without deleteing the datum planes and the features that have been created. Breaking a Parent/ Child Relationship Breaking a Parent/ Child Relationship quest4k ... My question is, is there a way to break those relationship so I can delete the chamfer and the radius without rebuild half of the rest of that model? Be aware (not beware!) For example, an extrude is the parent feature to a fillet that rounds its edges. Pretty good with SolidWorks . A child feature is built upon another feature. 9. Is there some functionality like this in SW. Dimensioning a hole to the edge of a protrusion, makes the hole a child … Parent-child relationships help capture design intent, but can also be a source of frustration if used haphazardly. Parents: Lists the parent features of the selected entity. Parent/Child include the following characteristics: You can only view the relations; you cannot edit them. Thank you in advance for any help rendered. Select Parent/Child from the menu. For example, you create a base extrude feature and then create additional features such as a boss or cut extrude. Features are normally built upon other existing features. RE: How to eliminate parent/child relation when file is … • Save Front Part – You will now have all of the base geometry of the parent part to build from in your Front Part. What I end up doing is using Purge to remove old iterations of CAD assemblies in order to delete the old iterations. Sales: 01223 200690 | Support: 01223 200699 Call us Email us • Repeat for Base Part & Middle Part The child (a shell feature) is failing. Re: How can I delete parent child relationships in Windchill/Creo 2.0 Yes this is a huge issue when trying to remove anything from the system. … To view Parent/Child relations: In the FeatureManager design tree or in the graphics area, right-click the feature whose relationships you want to see. A SOLIDWORKS Derived Configuration allows you to create a parent-child relationship within a configuration. Watch the video to find out how to remove the parent child relationship in a sketch to other features in a SOLIDWORKS model. If you suspend the child, it would allow you to redefine the child and remove the relationship with the parent. An image I found browsing through the forum pages (see "forum image") shows a dotted line connecting the two contacts to represent the parent-child relationship. Thanks, Danoo . I and trying to duplicate the geometry in Pro, which I can do, but a child/parent relationship is created. For example a derived configuration: Represents the exploded view of … You cannot reorder a child feature before its parent. To fix this problem I want to get rid of a feature, which is a parent feature. A parent feature is an existing feature upon which others depend. Parent-Child Relationships. The original base extrude is the parent feature; the boss or cut extrude is a child feature. You may have noticed that in some cases SOLIDWORKS creates derived configurations automatically. The existence of a child feature depends on the parent. Children: Lists the child features of the selected entity. Right click, list external references, then select break all. Embed Parent into Child Parts • Insert > Part – Find the “parent” part that you saved and allow part to drop to default location.

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