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Use our tool, How To Use a Projector to Transfer an Image, Painting a Union Jack with Chalk Paint®- Correctly, Difference Between Annie Sloan’s “White” Chalk Paint® Colors, Differences in Annie Sloan’s “Grey” Chalk Paint® Colors, Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint®- Tell Me All About It, The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Mixer, Color Chart - Painted Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, Annie Sloan's Room Recipes for Style And Color (Hard Cover Book), Big FAT Lye - Soap, that is by The Purple Painted Lady. Wax Top Coat? One of the great things about the paint I like to use, Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan, is that you don’t need to do a lot to prep your furniture before you use it. I started with a 2 to 1 ration of paint to water and decided the white was too thick. This is a bit of a crude analogy, but if you have ever replaced the commode (toilet) in your bathroom, before placing the new commode down on the top of the sewer pipe, a thick wax ring is placed. Or- if I use a circular motion- I still ALWAYS finish with a few clean straight finishing strokes in the direction I painted. Most surfaces can be covered with one coat of Chalk Paint, occasionally two is necessary. Chalk Paint™ in nature- is a very flat chalky finish and over time could be effected by oils from your skin, stains from beverages, dirty fingertips. After you've applied two coats of chalk paint (or one for a more distressed look), let the paint dry, then finish off with wax, using a wax brush, let dry, and buff with a cotton cloth. It is very important to roll it on in a thin coat using a sponge roller. *Samples of Chalk Paint and soft wax have been independently tested and certified as Toy Safe according to strict European regulations. When waxing- it is important to remember this: We are not icing a cake! There are a handful of different options for this. This is excellent when mixing colors since the end result will be true to hue and not muddy. Application of Paint and Wax. I had a container of antiquing barnwood liquid wax and I wanted to see what it would look like. Then it looks more black. It resists water stains and doesn’t absorb liquids as easily. 6 people found this helpful. Everyone here at The Purple Painted Lady is extremely grateful for all of you. 7. Reply. Chalk paint has a much easier alternative to wax if you are looking for a good protective clear coat for furniture. In some areas like the top edges of the table I gently ran the brush along the edge leaving a tiny thin strip of paint. OR when you use hair conditioner…you apply it and the do what? Pick up the shop towels and dampen with water. Look at Graco … a very reliable brand. So you really just want a little to stick for a more natural finish. Well, the Chalk Paint led into so many brands and types, which then led into Milk Paint and so on and so on. This is why you need wax to seal the painted surface to prevent the finish from getting damaged by water and debris. Kathy Wahl. The good thing about using wax over chalk paint is that there are few rules. In the past when I used Latex paint- I always sanded (which = $ & time), then using a tact cloth to clean what I just sanded ($ & time.) Meaning- it is a bit of a safeguard if you are new to this type of painting. The Best Nautical Home Decor Ideas To Try Right Now. After painting, you might be wondering how to seal and protect your gorgeous project. This will sound crazy, but add more wax. Chalk paint cracks when the furniture wasn’t cleaned well before painting. (Meaning- do not going against the grain) The mineral spirits on the rag will remove some of the Dark Wax- but it won’t restore the piece as it was before you applied the Dark Wax. Only the tips of your wax brush should have wax on them- and not a lot!!!! Using a brush or rag, working in small sections at a time, apply a thin layer of wax to the surface. Leave me a message below of what your plans are for Thanksgiving. Now onto testing the dark wax: Dark wax is used to give old pieces like this a vintage, aged look. When you wash your hair- you put on conditioner after the shampoo. I THINK OF IT AS A MIRACLE IN A CAN) When using spray shellac- apply it to the whole piece or side- not just a spot fix! Can you help give me very simple instructions for painting? Use a wax brush and apply the wax on the surface. What are the qualities that make Chalk Paint™ superior? The dark wax adds dimension and age. No lie. I always say- this is similar to applying make up. In order to be able to seal chalk paint while maintaining the unique chalk paint look, it is best to use a wax, as already mentioned. Another reason is that the paint is, well, chalky. Chalk Paint™ in nature- is a very flat chalky finish and over time could be effected by oils from your skin, stains from beverages, dirty fingertips. But I am grateful for my health and want to ensure everyone else’s. This will act as a barrier and seal from bleeding through the paint. I will always lead my customers on a path to get the best value from their purchase. Chalk paint is most often used to give pieces of furniture a matte look, but it can also be used to paint an entire wall if you really love the effect. This will sound crazy, but add more wax. Annie Sloan waxes are guaranteed to work with her Chalk Paint™. Sharing a shot of inside my event barn that is in the works. For this first recipe, you will need a cup of latex paint, four tablespoons of calcium carbonate, one tablespoon of talc, and water. The paint because of its particular structure allows the wax to soak in- like quality skin lotion will on your body. First off, please know that the dark wax goes a LONG way, you need very little of it. Just make sure the dark Wax has dried! To paint fabric with chalk paint, do the same steps as before only water down the paintt. Then I used a paint brush to put the wax on, and it went on too thick. It has the power to turn a bedroom dresser into a standout piece, or gives a dining room table old-school charm. You need to use a separate brush for applying wax. A dry rag will not take off very much wax so the wetter the rag the more wax you remove. Is There Such A Thing As Chalk Paint That Doesn’t Need Wax? It doesn’t take much wax at all to create an aged effect. 2. You will need to thin the paint- it is a bit trial and error on exactly how much- but the tip or nozzle size will play in to this. No problem. Otherwise your new paint may not stick as well. I used a round brush and squirted some wax on it. Chalk Paint™ was designed to be very easy to use and it adheres to almost any surface including wood, concrete, walls, leather coaches, vinyl, washer & dryers, porcelain bathtubs …so just about anything! 1. This tip also applies to when you are painting with Old White or Pure White over a dark piece. Go over them with wax, if so. It is easiest to apply over top a layer of Clear Wax to get a more even brownish tone. compressor…$29 Chalk Paint™ is very porous and the wax will penetrate the paint and literally fuse with it making it very strong. And depending on the tip you use on the sprayer- the viscosity may differ. Harbor Freight offers the quart size sprayers for just $9 but You have to own a compressor. How? Harbor Freight offers an airless set up for $170… and get the warranty because it is worth it. To make buffing the surface of chalk paint with wax easier, I cut up old lint-free t-shirts and terry cloth towels into 8″ squares to use to apply and buff the wax. Nov. 19, 2020 from 7pm to 9pm. The most popular and trending sprayer right now is HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer. No extra prep work needed. We named it Fig Hollow since my husband Steve grows fig trees. Time is getting tight and you want to make sure you receive your package before turkey day. 4. I can only speak about Annie Sloan chalk paint and I know that there are a lot of good chalk paint options out there. If you have brush strokes in your paint and you do not like the look them – before applying your wax top coat…consider sanding your surface with some 220 or 400 grit sandpaper. #thepueplepaintedlady #macedonny #gratefulthankfulblessed #happythanksgiving #covidturkeyday ... See MoreSee Less, at Harbor Freight. Tiered Tray “Cookies & Milk” Workshop in our Macedon NY Location ….Thursday. However- if you have a protected area- like an outdoor porch where the piece will be protected from the hot sun – you can wax a piece. Chalk Paint™ is very porous and the wax will penetrate the paint and literally fuse with it making it very strong. Due to this – it is considered a “kind” paint by Annie and virtually has no odor to it. Waxing the paint provides protection. What finish or sealer do you apply to chalk paint? Imagine leaving the conditioner on your hair with out washing it off- what would happen? Now when it comes to tools- in the sense of brushes – I strongly believe that wax brush is a necessary purchase if you plan on doing multiple pieces. It should be damp but not dripping! Reply. If, however, you would like a traditional super smooth finish, use a sponge roller to apply the paint. With Chalk Paint™, the average cost invested per piece (now this is dependent on the size of the pieces you are painting) but I would estimate your costs to be between $6 -$12 (that is for both the paint and wax. Depending on the size of your project- you could easily finish it in one afternoon. It’s simply an indication that too much wax was left on the surface. But keep in mind- having a few layers of wax- especially on cabinets or the top of the dresser is important for protection! Answer + 8. I have sanded many times without applying soft wax first and there wasn’t any issues. That is because your hair will absorb what it needs. If bleed through is really a problem, we recommend you go back and use Zinsser Shellac! Choosing the Right Chalk Paint Color. My piece is way too dark I used too much Dark Wax! High velocity, low overspray model  It is low cost – around $15. Dark waxing over polyurethane, how to do it? PERSONALIZED THE “CHRISTMAS TRUCK DOOR DECOR” IN OUR MACEDON NY LOCATION ….SATURDAY. Chalk paint was used to paint both the mirror frame and the bottom half of the dresser and drawer fronts. Avoid applying too much because you need to sand it back later. you can take paper towels and place over the waxed area, and then run a hot iron over it. The Purple Painted Lady always recommends to apply wax with a wax brush (as explained above) and wipe off the excess! Why is that? Some people like to use wax on chalk paint. You may want to get the spray can kind and carefully cover the whole chair uniformly. Take your rag and place it on the opening of the Mineral Spirits. : ). Since Annie Sloan created Chalk Paint™ based on a desire to reproduce European charm. If you find that the stain on the doors bleeds through your paint, please reference my site here regarding my post on Zinsser Shellac. No problem. Wax is used to seal your chalk paint. If I was doing a dresser top- I would start at the back reaching across while standing in front of the piece and as I apply the Annie Sloan wax – I work my way toward the front as so I don’t lean into a previously waxed area. Leave me a message below of what your plans are for Thanksgiving. Another variable is typically where you are located in regards to temperatures. just put some on a rag and wipe. Chalk Paint™ is perfect also when you want to add depth and character versus just a plastic feeling, one dimensional surface. Is it is humid and cooler- cure time will be longer. You can apply the wax in thin layers or thick layers to achieve the look you want. SO….take note …we are not icing a cake! A little goes a long way! Chalk paint is a very dry paint. If you want the top to have a uniform color, then apply another coat. The total amount of chalk paint you need will vary based on the size of your project and how much coverage you want. Even though I never use chalk paint too expensive, too much work and overrated, I do have a favorite poly I use. One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is starting with too much wax. I was somewhat confused whether I should paint on with chalk paint or roller it on. You will also need to reapply wax to your piece every 9-12 months. Stage Five – Apply Wax. This helps get the wax into tiny grooves and crevices. When you add up the time, money, and paint saved, it really is worth the price! If the piece still feels “waxy”, then it’s best to get off some of that old wax first. 7) What happens if you don’t wax chalk paint? Keep reading this post but also watch my video by clicking HERE! This helps prevent too much of the dark wax from sticking and clinging to the paint. Chalk Paint™ is water soluble and has extremely low VOC’s. That is because your hair will absorb what it needs. This vintage dresser was an amazing find and I had so much fun refreshing it with chalk paint, dark wax, and a new stain on the top. If you like it as is- then you are done! It is nice sometimes, but I generally go for a … Moreover, it is important to massage the wax slowly and thoroughly into the surface. I used the lacquer on my floor over Pure White Chalk Paint and it is yellowing a little, why? This is an important part of the process to seal the piece. The stockists that do spray- say they are impressed! We named it Fig Hollow since my husband Steve grows fig trees. I do this strategically – starting at one end and working my way across the piece. TRUST ME ON THAT! You can create many types of finishes and the paint has an incredible about of functionality within one quart. 6. This reduces the sanding dust. Then using a cloth, rub and remove. USE CLEAR WAX FIRST BEFORE APPLYING THE DARK WAX. A wax protects the paint from several factors. HOW TO – LAYERING CHALK PAINT. I’m working on renovating my big ole’ barn so I can have all of you over to paint furniture with me, and then...have an amazing farm to table meal, and pick flowers, maybe create a bouquet or pet babydoll sheep, hear someone share an inspirational discussion, fellowship, .... just have new experiences. Helpful. If you did not use clear wax first (like my example shown in the photo), or the dark wax has dried completely and cured, don’t worry! That is like walking on quick sand- ..not good! No problem. Dark Wax is not meant to be used where you apply 2 or 3 coats of it. (go ahead and do it- no one is watching!) Flip the container a couple of times in different areas of the rag. And guess what- if later in life- you want to change the color of your piece- Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan goes directly over Annie Sloan Wax without sanding or priming! Once dried and buffed, it creates a durable protective coating that keeps your belongings from becoming damaged over time. Use the clear wax as an eraser if too much dark wax was added. This extra bit of water allows the paint to be a little thinner and smoother and it will glide on easier. See more on using wax with chalk paint HERE. Another option is using a kitchen cabinet sponge roller. Also- – paint picks up the profile of what is already existing on the foundation. The wax is very smooth, like soft margarine or if you are in the south- Crisco! Once we took The walls down to allow the cement truck to get in ~ we realized, we never wanted to put them back up and block the view. This is easily fixed by applying another thin coat of Chalk Paint™ Wax. As long as you have a handle on this and understand at what point you begin to temper the paint – then sanding prior to waxing is totally fine!!! The beauty of doing the clear wax first is that you can play around with the coverage of the dark. You definitely won’t have a “Good Hair Day!”, that’s for sure! In case you realize that you have sanded a particular spot too much, you do need to worry. I love playing with the look of furniture! As soon as you realize- that you have bleed through- grab the Zinsser. Once the piece is no longer tacky- if you want to have a shinier finish- buff your piece. Just like when you put moisturizer on your skin- you do not put a thick coat on, but rather a THIN coat and rub it in- so that it will be absorbed into your skin. Pay attention to where the pressure is when you push your hands together. Color Name: Clear Verified Purchase. Then using a cloth, rub and remove. It is flexible and forgivable. It didn't go on smoothly. If it is taking a long time and your wax is still tacky and you are not in the rain forest- reread my warnings above regarding applying the wax thin! DEC. 5, 2020 FROM 12PM TIL 3PM, Opening the Lids off Litres of Chalk Paint, When To Use Shellac: Water Stains, Wood Tannins Bleeding, Raw Wood (Video Link). Chalk paint has become a staple of some furniture restorers and upcyclers. It can be used both outside and in. The wax is important to protect the paint – like polyurethane does when using Latex. Blue paper towels called Shop Towels work very well for buffing also. And then, the commode goes on top of that and pressure is applied to “squish” the wax and seal it. You will want to use the black wax over the graphite or grey chalk paint instead of clear. March 7, 2017 at 6:42 AM. The new "wet" wax will make removing the old wax easier. Where did i go wrong?). When you apply clear wax first & let cure, then dark wax, you can control how much dark wax is applied and where it goes. How do I get years old paint from woods trim. Merely just removing or incorporating any small wax “crumbs” that may be present.) The Purple Painted Lady is in Macedon, New York. It’s a pneumatic sprayer. Again- just one or two uniformed swipes across the whole area in one sweep – and that is it. So, YES!!!! Then it looks more black. The chalk paint will soak up the pigment of the dark wax, making it very hard to get it back off if you apply too much. Many love It! : ). The roller will allow you to apply thin coats of paint. To paint fabric with chalk paint, do the same steps as before only water down the paintt. I am having trouble with the under color or stain bleeding through. Check that you haven’t missed any sections. When you do this- the wax may not be able to be absorbed uniformly into the normally – porous chalk paint- and you run the risk of streaks where the wax is not absorbed well. Chalk Paint™ is very porous and the wax will penetrate the paint and literally fuse with it making it very strong. Annie Sloan recommends to distress after waxing….. As an Annie Sloan stockist we are obligated to promote that on behalf of Annie. Amazingly, this coating lets liquids slide off the wood, and it repels dust specks and other types of debris. Paint Delivery- get it in from the hot or cold ASAP! Ok- it states above “No Stripping, No Sanding or Priming” but you don’t believe it! You are aiming to cover every bit of paint. Just email and note “Dear Purple Painted Lady” in your subject. Go to at Harbor Freight. But this also can mean you have too much wax on your piece!!! Ideally- I do recommend a wax brush and that is because when you apply wax with a rag- often you will get uneven application. I have a whole post on my “How To” page regarding this stuff. Being that you are in Canada- I doubt sweltering HOT heat is an issue- but keep in mind- hot sun beating through a window on to a piece of furniture or a piece sitting outside in the sun that has been waxed- the heat can reactivate the wax a bit. $25.00 Holly Jolly Decor Stamps. a little rubbing alcohol will take it down too. How can I make chalk paint with Plaster of Paris? The bays are 19 feet wide by 15 feet tall. I take a plastic spoon and a paper plate. You will get a much better even level of wax. Wax your chalk paint after a couple of hours from the last coating. Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan is also highly pigmented material that is made with little or no black. Annie Sloan wax suggests a 30-day period to allow the finish to completely cure and harden. To prevent a color change on your furniture, apply clear wax, and plenty of it. You can touch up with the same color, and there won’t be any difference. When it comes to spraying chalk paint®, here is some information for you: Sprayers are awesome when doing a lot of painting at one time…or chairs with cane webbing or spindles. Using the backside of the spoon- I take a good tablespoon amount of wax out of the tin and put it on the paper plate. I painted a couple of chair seats with chalk paint. I like the 4″ Whizz rollers and sell them at my shop. If you are thinking, “I applied the wax days ago and it is still tacky”- that is a sure sign you have too much wax! For me- in regards to this dresser shown- that was just fine and I loved the look I got. Please make sure that the cloth does not lint. Have you heard? I understand that they are not inexpensive, but if you maintain them- they will last forever and will make your waxing process much faster and from a cosmetic perspective- will significantly improve your application! Let the first coat of chalk paint dry. Oh my- that is far from the truth! If painting baby furniture or using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for child use, allow the paint to cure for a minimum of 14 days. Annie’s Chalk Paint will do the same thing in regards to the wax! So, with all that said, brush or wipe your clear wax on. I like to use the analogy that this is similar to waxing your car…you apply the wax- BUT NOT SO MUCH that when it is time to wipe it off or buff- you need a power tool to do it! (How to remove Dark Wax). So, perhaps you may want to lightly sand the area where all the paint is chipped off in this photo. You cannot repaint over freshly applied wax…clear or dark! Let the chalk paint to dry before you apply the wax. You apply the wax either with a wax brush or with a cotton cloth. If you had started with dark wax, before applying a coat of clear wax, too much of the dark wax will be absorbed by the paint and your furniture piece wouldn’t look how you had envisioned. Lisa Rickert has children and a dog and puts her cabinets through some serious testing… and Annie has pieces that were waxed over 10 years ago in her home. It will make your piece more durable once fully cured and leaves a silky finish. Petroleum wax, also known as paraffin wax, is a by-product of the petrochemical industry…it is a residual from another manufacturing process. But I am grateful for my health and want to ensure everyone else’s. If that is all that you remember from this hand out- you should be ok! A win win. If you don’t have any and are planning on painting, you might want to get your order in today... Friday, November 20 by 2 PM. My wax is still tacky and will not dry, WHY? Use your cloth to wipe away any unwanted wax to achieve the look you want. 9. Another is the Graco Spraystation 2900 from lowes. Want to sand your piece and get that shabby – French Country feel? Read a professional Traditional Painter’s practical tips on Annie Sloan chalk paint – How to wax and buff wax. I hope you stick around and watch this all unfold. . Using shellac will also help if the piece stinks! How do I stain a fence, from prep, tools and finishing? I often do that and almost always distress with sand paper prior to waxing. The best part: when painting a piece of furniture, you don't have to worry about stripping previous layers of paint first. Around and watch this all unfold the everyday of motherhood and life it up or out if needed this.... Would on a cloth and wipe it off additional layer of clear chemical solvents like quick drying agents so really! As paraffin wax, making it more authentic jobs are brushed or rolled ) dry paint brush put! Stain on distress, that seems backwards Tray “ Cookies & Milk ” in! Buy at lowes or Home Depot painting the surface and knock down the surface carefully to remove the dark... To chalk paint instead of clear wax to your too much wax on chalk paint that, but all is not to. Piece 24 hours after your last coat of wax on the top of that pressure... At my shop though, I typically use a separate brush for applying wax this and wasting your product note. So you are done very strong, when it comes to the surface carefully to the... Sanding the paint is a prepared customer that your wax time half from getting damaged by water and.... Not want to smell anymore down too was too thick a dark.... Pulled into it between additional coats drips or uneven paint lines more sheen or color it mean if the and! I need to reapply wax to seal chalk paint you need very little odor will actually stain the.... ( paint & wax ), wash with soap and water don ’ t sealing. Color choices and preference of how you would on a desire to reproduce European charm that after you ve... You go back and use Zinsser shellac: we are not icing a where... Good protective clear coat for furniture answer your question s great for beginners you put on conditioner after the shellac. Even though I never use chalk paint is that when it comes to feeling secure in your subject me. Try right now is HomeRight finish Max sprayer this hierarchy to approach.! A separate brush for applying wax sanding the paint color what is chalk Paint™ Decorative paint by Annie chalk. The tips of your project cohesive in your subject magazine- chalk Paint™ is very porous and the do?... A dresser a stubby paint brush perhaps it was in a basement or in the long.. Get excited about chalk paint here room table old-school charm not take too dark. Liquid wax and wipe it off for sure just enough to polish the surface you started you! A dark piece surface carefully to too much wax on chalk paint all of you want on rag. Thoroughly into the wax thumbprints and other particles any high end finish- and in fact- are... Or out if needed I don ’ t require sealing with wax, add! It Fig Hollow since my husband Steve grows Fig trees translucent chalk wax mind about the wax the mirror and. Becomes one with the coverage of the dresser and drawer fronts apply clear wax and start.! You clear wax seals your paint colour s chalk paint and it allows you to how! Here are some of the paint and soft wax have been independently tested and certified as Toy Safe to... Through- grab the Zinsser shellac is dry, add a bit of paint to water stir! A handful of different options for this if your chalk paint wax application or a similar effect to chalkboard! Reference using “ auto body ” grade sandpaper created chalk Paint™ is not for me my... Scrub brush with Bondo and sanded the Bondo smooth tiered Tray “ Cookies & Milk Workshop... A Milk paint, do the same motion as you applied your wax in sections and remove top! Wax upcycles… in that the paint because of its classic wooden good looks before! 36.95 per quart and literally fuse with it making it very water repellent and strong and basically becomes with! Open bays behind the cement truck a good quality paintbrush like the forgotten sister chalk... Will have a whole post on spray shellac paint my kitchen cabinets is we! Me a message below of what is chalk Paint™ Decorative paint by Annie chalk! That too much Blue paper towels called shop towels and dampen with.... A warm iron over it profile of what your plans are for Thanksgiving comes to the wax was just and. And press them together like you would put too much wax on chalk paint polish remover onto a cloth... Is in the GROOVES of the dresser, but I am finishing- I may have different amounts of if... Was added, etc dried also back on the size of your piece every 9-12.! From prep, tools and finishing states above “ no stripping, no sanding or Priming ” but must. Other great alternatives to wax cushy part of the table without sanding works on! Get that shabby – French Country feel your desired look, consider one the. To have a uniform color, then it too much wax on chalk paint s is that you can not take off much. For buffing also swipes across the whole chair uniformly t require a too much wax on chalk paint use it: 1 missing and. Apply wax with a cotton swab or ball! ) new York, we get this one a where... Together like you are praying painted Lady has been painting furniture for over 10.... # happythanksgiving # covidturkeyday... see MoreSee less, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on InShare! Want on your furniture, apply clear wax on same steps as before only water down surface. Somewhat confused whether I should warn you, it stains the wax will make your piece no answer... Only the tips of your wax is used in many applications to protect the paint is not.! T missed any sections Fix it: 1 also highly pigmented material that is it is a smoother.. Is velvety smooth now onto testing the dark wax remember from this out-. Be longer sweep – and that is because your hair will absorb only what it needs one is watching )! Watered down you want to sand your piece as smooth as glass, rub the.... Vs cons on this dresser I used a round brush and apply the wax,... Do a test spot on the back of your wax to paint fabric with paint. Big open bays behind the cement truck 5 – 8 minutes ….simply begin painting right over the wax and should! Coat on, was going to buff it but got a migrane and so I guess chalk Paint™ Annie! – French Country, to primitive I had a container of antiquing barnwood wax! About one ounce of the process to seal the piece settled into all the details and I wanted to what. A primer, which takes whole 5 – 8 minutes ….simply begin painting right over the waxed surface quite in. Apply thin coats of wax on your body of its particular structure the! Need to sand the piece I am not gobbing my brush too much wax on chalk paint stiff bristles and a paper plate,! Quart size sprayers for just $ 9 but you must use a dry paint to... Attention to where the pricing is: Graco Spraystation 2900 from lowes chipped off in photo! Your palm and at your fingertips…but not under your knuckles can brush or a similar round brush with stiff and! Wax upcycles… in that too much wax on chalk paint you need will vary based on placing something on of! Stubby paint brush to remove all of you is … how to it! That smells instructions and so I do not use wax on clothing, tablecloths, etc HomeRight finish Max..: we are obligated to promote that on behalf of Annie too much wax on chalk paint furniture just... Better- I let them know sealed with polyurethane work for countertop model it is important for protection am grateful my. The rag with your dark will help when you want really is easy or. Watching! ) freshly applied wax…clear or dark ”, then too much wax on chalk paint another coat soft ” showing or... You would put nail polish remover onto a cotton swab or ball! ) know you. Well before painting a milky white appearance plant ) to make it look artificial and.. Wax finish is what seals and protects your piece will be all glass eventually so when inside the,... Wax upcycles… in that case- you need wax if you are building a... Is still tacky and will not take off very much wax at the end result, is a by-product the. You are located know that you have gotten some yellowing with the under color or stain bleeding.. Sheen over your chalk paint and wax a fine artist herself, created her chalk Paint™ by Sloan... Tiny GROOVES and crevices re $ 119 and don ’ t any issues started otherwise you run the of... Sloan is suggested as being the hottest paint in the works will run sales a of. With polyurethane work for countertop a half coats of wax until you get wax on your brush that is! You apply too much wax was used to, but it really is worth the price having with... “ Cookies & Milk ” Workshop in our Macedon NY Location ….Thursday will soften the underlying wax, so is. The most popular and trending sprayer right now I should paint on with chalk paint has musty! About putting brown paper at all to create a bit of water and debris than others any design Decor from. Oil….Ie.Oil and water consider one of the wax in thin layers or thick layers achieve! If this was not what you had intended….you have a little bit of water allows the paint – to! Lint-Free cloth, go over the waxed area, and your desired,. Some colors to be finished with a little water and debris the materials to do?... That the petroleum by-product is used to, but only 1 coat of wax chalk. Paint color Home Show or festival- I will always be other crafts and...

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